Prats de Mollo la Preste

    A little bit of history …

    Prats de Mollo offers all the privileges of cultural heritage: Castle, Church of the seventeenth century, rich collections of paintings and altarpieces, medieval city, ramparts.
    In the middle of the 13th century, The King James I the conqueror decided to provide Prats de Mollo with a land use plan worthy of the great town that he wished to see in the Haut Vallespir.

    Crown officials , engineers and surveyors drew on the side of a hill at the confluence of the Guillema and Tech, a huge quadrangle divided into checkerboard. The perpendiculars go down the direction of the steepest slope to the point of transform roads in stairs, the horizontals croosing transform the contour lines into alleys.

    Such as the town that King James that completes the village of Besalu Counts on the right side of the hill of the Guillema.
    The huge bell tower, practically intact, remains of the building wanted by the King James I the conqueror in 1245.

    Prats de Mollo la Preste

    But the church was rebuilt in the mid-seventeenth century. However it keeps the Pietat chapel of the fifteenth century and a impressive contingent of Baroque altarpiece whose the blessed high altar in 1693.
    As the 13th century, Prats de Mollo is closed by stone walls.
    The 1428 Candlemas devastating earthquake worsed the village…

    Visits & Walks…

    Tourist circuits. Excursions Centre with guids. Theme walks. Gorges de la Fou. Tech valleys, Canidell valleys, the Parcigoule, Coral Hermitage, Mir Tower, Mir, Costabonne Mountain.

    Tourism events…

    • Discover a key moment in July-August at Fort Lagarde : equestrian event
    • Pilgrimage to N.D. du Coral
    • Carnival Day (February))
    • Bear festival (February)
    • May: animals fair.
      1st Sunday of June : Spring Fair
      Catalan festival (August)
      Festa Major (July),
      Bandas Festival (July)
      Fairs: October 14 Autumn Fair.
      Market: the Foiral place, Wednesday and Friday (morning).

    Leisure and outdoor sports…

    • Cinema
    • Tennis (2 tournaments)
    • Swimming pool with slide open from July to August with aqua gym lessons
    • Snowshoeing trails (cross-country skiing, sledding)
    • Pétanque (competition sector from July to August, local competition Wednesday and Saturday afternoons from July to August)
    • Gymnastics and weight room
    • Hiking (300 km of marked trails from 1 hour to 7 hours walk) – Vallespir Tour and Costabonne Tour – “Costabonne Race” walkers and runners 24 Kms (June)
    • Mountainbike (3 marked trails).
    • Fishing, Hunting.
    • Stadium with sports ground.
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