La Preste les Bains

    The Thermal Resort “la Preste les Bains” welcome you in a preserved nature.
    Renowned in the treatment of genitourinary diseases of infectious origin, but also metabolism and rheumatology, is taught for more than seven centuries, the benefits of its unique thermal waters in Europe.

    What does one heal in La Preste-les-Bains?
    AWith its thermal waters mesothermal bicarbonate, sulphates, sodium, rich in fluoride and silicates, La Preste les Bains is an expert in the treatment of disorders of the Urinary Tract and the Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes Overweight and Rheumatic Pathologies.
    The medicinal properties of the waters of La Preste are recognized since the fourteenth century, by the Faculty of Medicine of Montpellier. The waters of the spring Apollo Source gush from the mountain close to that of the body temperature at 42 °.

    Scarce physico-chemical properties.
    Sulfur, very present, analgesic and anti-inflammatory is a key ally in the treatment Rheumatology. In turn, Magnesium, has a tonic action on the muscle fibers.
    To treat the “Urinary tract”, thermal water is used directly on the mucous membranes that it regenerates. It stimulates the local defense of the body against infectious agents.
    The vaginal mucosa returns to normal pH opposing the proliferation of fungal and bacterial pathogens.

    The climate factor :
    La Preste-les-Bains is classified resort, combining, in any season, the therapeutic benefits of the thermal cure, a Mediterranean tempered climate by the altitude (1130 m), particularly beneficial for the treatment of rheumatism. It promotes relax nerve relaxation and helps to heal urinary tract infections.

    Spa treatments…


    • Spa pool mobilization
    • Bath in thermal water
    • Bathroom with shower underwater
    • General Shower
    • General jet shower
    • Local jet shower
    • Shower under immersion in medicinal pool
    • Penetrating massage spa shower
    • Shower pressure in immersion pool
    • Mud packs (kaolin) in single or multiple application of
    • Steam bath
    • Massage in thermal water
    • Sweating cabin


    • Bath in thermal water
    • Steam bath
    • Bathroom with shower underwater
    • Vaginal irrigation
    • general Shower
    • General jet shower
    • Local jet shower
    • Penetrating spa shower
    • Enteroclysis (drip rectal)
    • Massage in thermal water
    • Mud poultice (kaolin) as a single topical application
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